Senator Patti Anne Lodge
Senator Patti Anne Lodge has served in the Idaho Senate since 2000. Senator Lodge attended Caldwell Schools and graduated from Marylhurst University where she received God-centered liberal arts education. She majored in history and secondary education, taught at Notus for 4 years and then in the Caldwell School System for 31 years. In 1999, in celebration of her teaching career, the Lodges made a pilgrimage to Israel and sitting on a hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee said to be where Christ gave us the Beatitudes, she prayed for guidance to determine new ways to serve others. Her children were raised, educated and good citizens. Her energy level and desire to serve kept her aware that God had a special plan for her. Otherwise, He was not finished with her yet.
        Involved in politics and campaigns since age 14 when she helped form the first Canyon County Young Republicans Club, she had been encouraged for years to run for the Legislature. With family responsibilities lessening, years of experiences in education,business, agriculture, church and community service and the encouragement she had received,the decision on the Mount of Beatitudes was to run for the Senate.
       From the beginning of her Senate service Senator Lodge has been given leadership positions. As a freshman she was selected as vice chairman of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. She has served as a member of the powerful Joint Appropriations/Finance Committee (JAFC),Commerce Committee, Legislative Leadership Committee, and Senate Leadership Committee, State Affairs among many other leadership assignments.Senator Lodge was encouraged by leadership to accept the Chairmanship of the difficult Senate Health and Welfare Committee and now serves as Chairman of the Privileged committee, Judiciary and Rules where every bill is watched for its fiscal impact on taxpayers wallets vs its positive impact on Idaho Citizens. Through this process, she saved taxpayers millions of dollars by holding legislation that mandated increased costs. Other Committees include co-chair of the Joint Millennium Fund, Justice Reinvestment Assessment and Campaign Finance Committees,Board of Juvenile Corrections, Idaho Criminal Justice Commission, State Coordinator for The National Association of State Legislators, Juvenile Custody Review Board and Drug Court, and former State Chairman of ALEC. She is Co Chair of the Justice Reinvestment Project working with national experts studying Idaho’s Correction System. This work resulted in Senate Bill 1357 which is modernizing Idaho’s criminal justice system,protecting the public and changing people’s lives so they can be productive, accountable citizens and stay out of the correctional system. Most importantly helping children become the best citizens is her motivation.
        Senator Lodge has received numerous awards for her service throughout the years.This year she received the State Republican Lifetime Achievement Award.She was honored with the Drug and Mental Health Leadership Award for her efforts in expanding the successful Drug and Mental Health Courts and seeking solutions for the impact Drug addiction has on Idaho Citizens.She was honored for her work with the Community Health Clinics,received an Honorary FFA Award, Federation of Police Legislator of the year 2014 and 2017, NIFB and School Choice Awards. She recently received the Law and Order Award 2017.She has received the Ag AllStar award every year of her service and a 100% Idaho Water Rights record. She was selected as a Distinguished Alumni of Caldwell High School. She and her husband have been named Idaho State Marriage Ambassadors.In 2010 she was Republican Legislator of the year.She and her husband, Edward,are honored to have logged well over 100 years of public service to the citizens of Canyon County and Idaho.
        Senator Lodge believes that their most important accomplishment is their 52 year marriage, their three marvelous adult children and 5 outstanding grandchildren.

We choose to live in Canyon County because it is already a great place to raise a family. We challenge ourselves and others to take pride in our county and State and to become the very best version of themselves. Treating everyone the way we want to be treated is a great way to live.You find those qualities in the people of Canyon County. That is why we love it here.

Senator Lodge and her husband live in Rural Canyon County where they raise Registered Hereford cattle, Registered Quarter horses, German Sheppard dogs and Manx cats. They enjoy the western way of life,where beautiful sunrises and sunsets and wildlife bring peace and contentment to their busy lives.
  • Senator Lodge has sponsored legislation to rid Canyon County of the scourge of gangs  which she refers to as urban terrorists.She found funding to help secure the US Attorney’s position to prosecute gang members. She sponsored the legislation which has helped with the recent arrest of several top gang members in the county and brought down drive by shootings from over 200 a year.
  • Senator Lodge is an advocate for small business and Canyon County’s extensive Agriculture Industry and understands the importance of its impact on our economy and jobs.She has received small business Awards and important Agriculture awards each year of her service.
  • Senator Lodge believes that the most important element in a person’s life is a belief and trust in the powers of God. She knows that without His guidance she would not have had the opportunities to serve in so many ways throughout the years. Judge Lodge and Senator Lodge together have served Canyon County and Idaho over 100 years.
  • Senator Lodge is grateful to the citizens who have placed their trust in her so she might have the opportunity to serve.